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o.t. steinberger replacement parts

this may be of interest to some, found it on harmony-central today:

May 11, 2001 -- MusicYo.com, a California-based Internet retailer, announced
the availability of Steinberger replacement parts and accessories. Included
in the initial offering are Headpiece Bands, R-Tremolo Systems, String
Adaptors, Hardshell Cases and Gigbags, Tremolo Arms, Gearless Tuners and Leg
"For a while, Steinberger enthusiasts have had a hard time finding parts for
their beloved ‘Bergers", says MusicYo representative Rick Bassham. "But with
the revival of the Steinberger line at MusicYo, they’re having a field day!!
For them, it’s almost like Christmas!"
As the official and only authorized distributor of Steinberger products,
MusicYo plans to continue to expand upon this initial offering by adding
other high-demand Steinberger parts in the future.
Steinberger parts, as well as Steinberger instruments, are now available and
offered exclusively at www.MusicYo.com directly to consumers.
For more information, visit their web site at www.musicyo.com.