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Re: hard reset (JM/EDP)

At 8:02 AM -0700 8/21/00, rich wrote:
>out of curiosity, wouldn't the EDP fall into the 'non-volatile' memory, as
>well?  why then would there be a hard reset on the EDP, when it seems you
>should be able to just 'turn the power off and back on'?
>am i missing something?

Echoplex saves all of its parameter settings in eeprom (non-volatile
memory). so when you turn it off and back on, all the parameters are where
you left them. The parameter reset (hold param button at power up) resets
all the parameters to the factory defaults.

Jamman does not have any such memory, so the parameter settings are lost
when you turn it off. You have to set them all again every time you turn it
on. So there is no need for any "hard reset" since the hardware always
turns on in it's default "reset" state.


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