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RE: Sorry, but not sorry (was: Jam Man thanks)

At 3:01 PM -0700 8/17/00, rich wrote:
>>In fact, Lexicon sent me the entire service manuals and schematics for 
>>the jamman and the vortex to put on Looper's Delight.
>Kim, if it's not too much trouble, could you look and see if there is a 
>to do a 'hard reset' on the JamMan, so we can try to get Simon Henderson 
>and running with his troublesome JamMan?  I think that's the most
>reasonable place to start, and my pages don't say anything regarding that.

There isn't one. Since the Jamman does not have any non-volatile memory,
there is nothing to reset. A "hard reset" is real simple: turn the power
off and back on.

>ps...Are the JM schematics any better than Bob Sellon's napkin 
>(just kidding) :-)

yes, they are real Lexicon schematics. Got a volunteer this time (thanks
Steve!), hopefully they will be online soon.


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