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Re: Echoplex page buried on Gibson site

The scrolling feature list on the Gibson EDP web page says:

     Up to nine loops simultaneously

I read this to mean that I can have up to nine individual loops playing 
at the same time.  Is this true?  How did I miss that in the manual?  Or, 
they really mean (the "More Loops" parameter) that I can have up to nine
_consecutive_ loops, one playing back at a time followed by the next loop,

While I am here I'd like to submit my feature request for the next EDP
model.  (Kim did say he and Matthias were very busy, I can only imagine 
something is in the works?)

1) Dual channel stereo looping.  A parameter setting could switch between 
second mono or 25 second stereo.  This implies, of course, L and R inputs,

2) If "Up to nine loops simultaneously" does indeed mean consecutive, then
true simultaneous loops (not necessarily all the same length) would be

3) Greater memory expansion for those simultaneous stereo loops - which 
of rules out the Motorola 68k cpu.


future perfect wrote:

> http://www.gibson.com/products/strings/echoplex/index.html
> Had to dig a little for this on the Gibson site- nothing really new, but
> some pictures of the 'Gibson' model.
> Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices
> http://www.hazardfactor.com