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RE: Sorry, but not sorry (was: Jam Man thanks)

Hi Rich-
It would be great if you could scan that, I'm happy to put it up.

In fact, Lexicon sent me the entire service manuals and schematics for both
the jamman and the vortex to put on Looper's Delight. They are hardcopy, 
I've asked several times for people to volunteer to scan them so they can 
on the site. No dice so far. One person volunteered, I dropped off the
originals with him, and he vanished without a trace shortly after.
Fortunately I made copies! If there is some (reliable!) person on the list
interested in doing this job, please contact me. (at my home address 
kflint@loopers-delight.com) Please be aware that the manuals are not short,
so be prepared for that if you volunteer.


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> Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2000 1:49 PM
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> Subject: Sorry, but not sorry (was: Jam Man thanks)
> >All right!  Another great example of how our community helps 
> each other!
> >
> >> The paper i have shows how to put the Jammie into 
> 'diagnostic mode', which
> >> as i said before, i will fax to you if you need it.
> >> . . .
> >> Let me know if i can be of any further assistance!
> >
> >Sounds like great information to put on the LD website!  
> (Hint! Hint!)
> >
> >Dennis Leas
> >-----------------------------
> >dennis@mdbs.com
> Hello All,
> I was responding to Simon Henderson to what i thought was his personal
> email regarding his jamman troubles.  Sorry to give it to 
> everyone on the
> Loopers list...But it seems i might have some information 
> some folks are
> interested in!
> I got this from Lexicon when they were still supporting the 
> JamMan.  Is
> that now not true?  If you called Lexicon with a JamMan 
> problem, would they
> even help you?  If i remember correctly, i had to go through 
> a couple of
> techs to get someone to send me this and that was years ago.
> I have received a couple of emails already requesting to fax this
> information to them.  I can do that, but i will also try to 
> scan and OCR
> the text.  That way I can put it up on the LD site.  I am 
> pretty busy at
> the current time, so i will try to get to it asap, and then i 
> might need a
> little help on how and where to put it!
> best regards,
> rich