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Re: Big Briar News - CP-251!!

rich (04:54 PM 08.10.2000) wrote:

 >>The MF-104s are coming. Know that they sound *great*. It's simply the
 >>smoothest delay line that I have ever heard. It's very warm and full of
 >Is this the delay pedal I saw at January NAMM in LA?


 >He had his
 >moogerfooger pedals set up at the booth, with the ring modulator, low-pass
 >filter, and a analog delay.


 >The delay was listed as 'limited edition'
 >(which would coincide with the lack of parts you mentioned).

Yeup. Originally he and I talked about making 500 of them, but he ended up 
getting enough parts to make 1000 (plus spares).

 >If that's the beast, you are correct...

:) You should hear it in stereo. :)

 >smooth as butter...that combined with the low pass and a looper's 
 >got quite a few folks stopping and saying "what the hell are you running
 >that through?"

:) You should also spend time with the Ring Modulator if you get the 
chance. With my gear, I have access to a number of ringmods, analog and 
digital alike, but nothing sounds as musical as that machine.

Basically, all of the MF's are wonderful machines. A lot of people balk at 
the pricing of them, but Bob is building something very nice in this 
product line. There really is nothing else like them on the market.

There are a lot of very cool subtle features in the product line. Things 

- The input stages of the pedals are VERY hot, and the sounds GREAT when 
kicked into anything from "just an edge" to "Jon Lord Returns".

- The bypass switch _looks_ like a standard DPDT mechanical, but it's not 
when you hit the switch you end up activating a pair of VCA's to crossfade 
the effect signal with the bypass signal. There is *NO* click.

- There is also voltage control over params, and the VC ranges aren't 
throttled nor limited to positive voltages. If you want to take the MF-101 
and feed it a negative voltage, go for it. If you want to take the MF-102 
(Ring Mod) and get the internal OSC to run up above 20khz, give it a shot. 

"Go Bob". :)

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