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Re: Big Briar News - CP-251!!

Steve Burnett (05:21 PM 08.10.2000) wrote:

 >On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Mark Pulver wrote:
 >> The MF-104s are coming. Know that they sound *great*. It's simply the
 >> smoothest delay line that I have ever heard. It's very warm and full of
 >> character.
 >> Hang in there!
 >Oh, I am - have my MF-104 order in already, and am eagerly looking
 >forward to having it to play with. I'm not upset over the delayed delay,
 >just eager. In the meantime since yesterday's post, I've been getting into
 >the CP-251 more and more: it delivers as advertised. Cool. Very cool.

There's a lot of stuff in that little box... Those folks coming from a 
modular synth background should stand up quickly and start salivating. :)

Bob has more plans for things of that form factor. There's a lot of stuff 
going on with the Performance Synth and a "grand plan" coming later this 
winter. (I am SUCH a tease!) :)

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