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Re: Big Briar News - CP-251!!

Steve Burnett (05:13 PM 08.09.2000) wrote:

 >> Next Stop: The MF-104 Delay!!!
 >Waiting, waiting - my wife's been making the same joke about "the delay
 >pedal must be really effective - it's delaying itself!" over, and over,
 >sort of a looped joke.


Off topic to be sure, but a little bit of timeline history may be 
worthwhile here.

The MF-104 was first delayed (just over a year ago) due to Bob's supplier 
suddenly not being able to come up with parts in quantity. When that 
happened, I started looking around and I was able to get Bob hooked up 
a buddy that had a parts source. Once that deal was done, and Bob got 
delivery, it was November or so of last year.

During that time, there was the "small" :) distraction of Bob working on 
the new Performance Synth. That design task went into full swing after the 
parts delay for the MF-104 hit. When the parts for the MF-104 did finally 
show up, Bob was now knee deep (and higher!) working to get the prototype 
for the new synth done so that he could show it at Winter NAMM the first 
week of February. To show you how close the timeline was for this 
happening, Winter NAMM opened on a Thursday. Bob and henchman Steve were 
hand-bending the case the previous weekend. He ended up with just 2 hours 
to spare in order to be able to get the machine shipped to the show in 

Anyway, when the show was over, Bob took all the suggestions and comments 
back from the show and did some more work on the synth. Meanwhile, he had 
back room of CP-251's ready to ship, but no manuals. :(

So, he dragged himself away from the synth and went to work on the CP-251 
manuals. Well, Spring/Summer is a busy time for Bob on the private lecture 
and appearance circuit. That cut into what time he had to do the manual, 
and look at firing up production for the MF-104, and continue work on the 
new synth.

FYI, Bob does *NOT* like to farm out his manuals. The work on them is his 
personal written touch to all of the products.

So, the CP-251 is now shipping and the manual is done. He's now starting 
into the MF-104 manual.

But... :) I know that the Performance Synth is sitting "right over there" 
and it's edging on him. :)

The MF-104s are coming. Know that they sound *great*. It's simply the 
smoothest delay line that I have ever heard. It's very warm and full of 

Hang in there!

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