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Re: Echoplex=crap for dummies

At 6:07 PM -0700 8/6/00, italo de angelis wrote:
>It's almost 4 years that you all guys are pathetically talking about this
>shitty box!!! Can you stop it?

if people keep talking about it so much there must be some reason. Have you
ever used one?

>Do you understand Gibson doesn't give a ....
>for our "miserable" looping passion, since it's just a poor marketing 
>for them.

That must be why they've recently invested so much money in it.

>At least Lexicon was correct and frank when they dropped their
>Jamman, too little of a market for it those days, even though they didn't
>realize how to set up a market for a looping device.

Lexicon did not know how to manage manufacturing for low-cost, higher
volume products. They screwed that up badly and lost a lot of money because
of it. Jamman wasn't the only victim, but probably the most notorious.
Vortex and probably Alex were in there too. I think they sold something
like 8-10,000 jammans, which is pretty good for a musical instrument
product. Most would call that a success. If they had managed the production
better and forcasted it right jamman would probably still be in production.
Well, maybe not, Harman hosed lexicon pretty bad....

>Start to be more proud of yourself....off Gibson!!! Let's be real! Let's
>talk about the units we NOW HAVE, TCs, Eventides, Lexicons, Kyma and 

not everybody is as rich as you, apparently. The echoplex is still in
production, as is the boomerang, dl-4, etc. The devices you keep bringing
up actually have quite limited looping feature sets and don't even have
some of the fundamental features that were innovated on things like the
echoplex and jamman. None of them have anything remotely like the more
advanced stuff in the echoplex. (well, we don't know about the repeater

>Let's talk about serious techniques for looping, pre & post
>processing them and more...stop this miserable crap about "poor us...we
>don't have EDPs anymore...how can we go on looping???" FUCK GIBSON!!! They
>are selling you shitty harware and miserable software...get a computer and
>start looping seriously...

I've never heard of any computer software that substitutes for an echoplex.
Perhaps you could suggest something?

>Stop crying!!! Stand up and make the best we can with what we have and try
>to get some more sensitive builder listening to our needs...

That's not very accurate. The echoplex designers have been here
communicating with people for years. As have other manufacturers. It seems
to me they are listening to people, that's why the products continue to
exist. Eventide has never been here, although they seem like nice guys. TC
has lurked sometimes, but they never participate. Lexicon used to be here,
but they have all been fired or quit.

>Start writing to Scott Gilfix at Eventide (scottg@eventide.com) to have
>properly designed software for looping into their outstanding boxes, come
>ON!!! Fed up with this poor old ladies junk talk be MODERN!!!

I talked to Scott at length about looping on Orville. It's an amazing box
for signal processing, but you may be interested to know that it has
fundamental architecture limitations that prevent it from doing many of the
basic functions of the Echoplex. (as I understood it.)  It doesn't do the
stuff that is time based and revolves around direct access to the data. No
multiply, no insert, no multiple loops and related functions, no multiple
undo's, limited sync possibilities, etc. It has "sampler mode" and "looper
mode" but can't do the interesting stuff that combines the two concepts. If
you want tons of signal processing power and great algorithms, and you want
to use those in conjunction with basic looping functions (and you have a
spare $6000 or whatever it costs) it seems like a pretty good choice. Can
it replace an echoplex? or even a jamman? no. it's a different beast.


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