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RE: Echoplex=crap for dummies

I gotta say that Kim shows off a reptilian cool here with Italo (talk about
flames!).  You Kim are an iceberg of incomprefuckhensible proportions!  I
would have lost my cool right off the bat.  But not Kim.

Congrats, Kim.  You're a gentleman and a scholar.  Not at all bad for a

Hmm...  Maybe Italo would benefit from a video explaining and demostrating
all the great features of the Echoplex.  I'm sure that would shut him up.


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  | At 6:07 PM -0700 8/6/00, italo de angelis wrote:
  | >It's almost 4 years that you all guys are pathetically talking
  | about this
  | >shitty box!!! Can you stop it?
  | ...
  | >Start writing to Scott Gilfix at Eventide (scottg@eventide.com) to 
  | >properly designed software for looping into their outstanding
  | boxes, come
  | >ON!!! Fed up with this poor old ladies junk talk be MODERN!!!
  | >ITALO
  | I talked to Scott at length about looping on Orville. It's an
  | amazing box
  | for signal processing, but you may be interested to know that it has
  | fundamental architecture limitations that prevent it from doing
  | many of the
  | basic functions of the Echoplex. (as I understood it.)  It
  | doesn't do the
  | stuff that is time based and revolves around direct access to
  | the data. No
  | multiply, no insert, no multiple loops and related functions,
  | no multiple
  | undo's, limited sync possibilities, etc. It has "sampler mode"
  | and "looper
  | mode" but can't do the interesting stuff that combines the two
  | concepts. If
  | you want tons of signal processing power and great algorithms,
  | and you want
  | to use those in conjunction with basic looping functions (and you have 
  | spare $6000 or whatever it costs) it seems like a pretty good
  | choice. Can
  | it replace an echoplex? or even a jamman? no. it's a different beast.
  | kim
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