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Re: Dr. Didg

Hey, I auditioned for Didj about a year and a half ago.  Wiggins was in
Boston looking for a bass player, so I showed up.  I didn't even come close
to getting the gig, but it was an experience nonetheless.  What surprised 
the most was how many times he'd screw something up rhythmically while he
was setting up his loop and have to start over again.  He was using a 
with a funky homemade-looking wooden device he'd slap on to open and close
the loop.

Get his album "Serotonality" for a good time.


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> If any of you enjoy Dr. Didg, there are some recent photos at
> <http://www.drdidg.com/Photos/photos.html> which give a fairly good view
> Graham Wiggin's looping rack and that quasi-pyramidal mic gobo-thingy he
> uses to keep his didg mic from picking up drum bleed and whatnot. There's
> shot of his guitarist's (Todd Wright?) pedals, too, with a DL4 right in
> middle of it.
> Tim