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Echoplex=crap for dummies

It's almost 4 years that you all guys are pathetically talking about this 
shitty box!!! Can you stop it? Do you understand Gibson doesn't give a 
for our "miserable" looping passion, since it's just a poor marketing 
for them. At least Lexicon was correct and frank when they dropped their 
Jamman, too little of a market for it those days, even though they didn't 
realize how to set up a market for a looping device.
Start to be more proud of yourself....off Gibson!!! Let's be real! Let's 
talk about the units we NOW HAVE, TCs, Eventides, Lexicons, Kyma and 
Repeater...Let's talk about serious techniques for looping, pre & post 
processing them and more...stop this miserable crap about "poor us...we 
don't have EDPs anymore...how can we go on looping???" FUCK GIBSON!!! They 
are selling you shitty harware and miserable software...get a computer and 
start looping seriously...
Stop crying!!! Stand up and make the best we can with what we have and try 
to get some more sensitive builder listening to our needs...
Start writing to Scott Gilfix at Eventide (scottg@eventide.com) to have 
properly designed software for looping into their outstanding boxes, come 
ON!!! Fed up with this poor old ladies junk talk be MODERN!!!

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