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Re: Base Pack S.R.L. and other Spamanado


Thanks for the info.

My ISP recommended this site:


When you submit your spam to SpamCop (via a form where you paste the 
spam), it
traces through the headers (via calls to nslookup, etc. for you techies),
gives you its findings, then waits for you to tell it to send a report to 
appropriate postmasters/sysadmins and the Spam Recycling Center (they have 
website at http://www.chooseyourmail.com/spamindex.cfm).

My apologies to the rest of the list if anyone was offended by my rants on
this topic.


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Subject: Base Pack S.R.L. and other Spamanado

> Might I ask just how everyone deals with this when it occurs?
> a.  Delete it and grumble;
> b.  Make a Mail Rule/Filter to delete it the next time it comes;
> c.  Forward it to spam@(your ISP here) or abuse@(your ISP here).
> Might I suggest that C. is the best approach, since it leads to a
> system-wide block of the spammer, so you won't hear from them again, but
> also so that your fellow users won't either.  IMNSHO though, just 
> them allows the problem to continue to occur, and invites external or
> (worse!) legislative efforts to stop the process of spam, which (and it 
> vary in its forms depending on who you talk to) could lead to horrible
> consequences online and off.
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