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Re: Base Pack S.R.L.

no, there's no such address on the list.

relax, I've gotten spanish spam for a while, and I'm pretty sure my name
does not sound hispanic. I also get spam in other languages...russian,
german, korean, you name it. spam is now global. (think of it as an
opportunity to learn a new language and you won't mind so much...)

spammers are much more sophisticated than joining mailing lists and
collecting a few addresses. they have address harvesting software that
scans through the entire net constantly looking for email addresses. they
collect millions at a time. They even send to variations of addresses, and
try to automatically decode all the various tricks people use to encode
their addresses. (since I get all mails to my domains, I get all sorts of
wacky stuff to non-existing addresses....)  If your address is anywhere on
the net, you will get spam. Deal with it whichever way makes you happy,
cause nothing will stop it.


At 6:16 PM -0700 8/4/00, pvallad1 wrote:
>That's what I'm afraid of, Mr. T.  The spammer is an actual person (most
>likely from Argentina) who is subscribed to this list and manually adding
>email addresses of anybody he/she thinks is Hispanic (which I am not, 
>btw.) to
>his/her Spanish language spam list.  I forgot most of my Spanish after I 
>high school.
>P.S. Kim, I got the spam from this email address: 
>troldiego@ciudad.com.ar.  Is
>this genius on the list?
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>> relax, I imagine it's from some other list you have in common,
>> spam harvesters never do anything so sophisticated as actually LOOK
>> at the names that they steal.
>> /t
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