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Re: Why CompactFlash, Damon ?

At 5:55 AM -0700 8/5/00, PERILLE wrote:
>Repeater works with CompactFlash ?
>But why not Smartmedia which is 5 times faster and much more communly
>used with japaneese samplers now ?

is it faster? I looked around for specs on various manufacturer pages, and
found they were about the same for sustained reads and SmartMedia slower
for sustained writes. Do you know where I could find a good comparison
between them?

For the datarates I found CompactFlash seems to have sustained rates of
Say you wanted this for the main memory. A looper needs to be able to
simultaneously read and write for each channel, so figure you actually have
.75MB/s to fit read streams and the same for writes. I think that would fit
about 8 channels of 16 bit audio at either 44.1khz or 48khz sample rates.
(assuming there isn't any other overhead.) that would certainly be too slow
for a conventional sampler, but maybe fine for many looper type uses.

Or, if it is purely used for storage, loading a minute of audio data at the
full 1.5MB/s would take around 3.5 seconds.

>Smartmedia sockets availability I suppose ?
>Our world is lead by the japaneese industry anyway ...

...and the PC industry where I work. To me this means we not bother with
storage media for each device. Musical instruments last a long time for the
rapidly evolving storage media - whatever you use will be obsolete and gone
long before the instrument. Instead look towards communication
interfaces.....maybe bluetooth or 802.11...everything in your studio could
simply transmit wirelessly to your laptop or PDA...


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