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Repeater vs. Echoplex

Hi all,

I hope I'm not posting too much! :-) (Let's just attribute that to
excitement and enthusiasm, ok?)

I've seen the comments on the Repeater and the drool spilling off of your
respective chins. But, being a newbie at all this, and figuring that
Echoplex is currently king of the mountain, as it were, I'm just wondering
how Repeater compares to the Echoplex.

Does anyone have any comments, or perhaps a feature-by-feature comparison 
the two devices?

Does anyone think that Repeater will replace Echoplex as king of the

And finally, the catch-all question: November is a long time away; I was
thinking of buying this month. What does the Repeater have any unique,
killer features that would justify my waiting till it's released?

Thank you all for your input...


P.S. I've been to the Electrix and Oberheim sites already, and know there 
some information there. However, I don't know looping or these products 
enough to be able to determine what's most important and perform this
comparison myself... hence, the questions above. Appreciate your patience!