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shameless promotion thinly disguised as an example of an unconventional use of looping

I wrote a song a while back which started as a acoustic 12-string guitar
part which I played and had intended to use for a completely different
purpose.  I looped a small section of the guitar (8 bars) then used the
Triton to sequence the loop and played bass and drums over the top of it
(again, using the Triton).  Then, I played that back and sang over it,
writing the lyrics on the fly, and recorded the whole thing to my MD-R55
minidisc recorder (which is, BTW, the best investment I ever made).  

The looping is understated and it's definately a "pop-format" tune (three+
minutes) but a year later is still one of my personal favorites.

If you want to hear "Kung-fu Grip", a song about love and circumcision (and
i know your curious...):