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RE: The Best Loopers

Thank for your comments, Kim... and thanks to all of you who responded...
also, Kim, thanks for Looper's Delight - it's a great resource!

I will bounce out to the archives and have a look around. Thanks for the

> >Which looper device do you all consider to be the best looping
> device on the
> >market? I'm planning to spend about $1500 for this so would appreciate
> >something in that range (or less)... in fact, PREFERABLY much less!
> you could probably get two echoplexes and a boomerang for that much.

Gosh, well, that leads me to wonder where you good folks are buying all of
this stuff! Nobody, it seems, sells the Echoplex. West L.A. Music sells it 
their price is $995 with the foot pedal. People out here in L.A. sell the
Boomerang for $400 or thereabouts... so, there's no buying two echoplexes
and a boomerang for $1500 --- unless someone can give me some other
resources to check (I didn't see any recent posts on this in the archives).
Has anyone bought an echoplex, for example, at a really good price