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EDP Tutorial Video

What ever happened to the discussion of a Tutorial Video for the EDP ? I
am finding the EDP not very intuitive. I'm worried I might revert back
to the Jamman because of it's ease of use.

(BTW, the feature that I looked forward to the most on the EDP was the
undo function. Has anybody figured-out Bob Sellon's Jamman upgrade that
is supposed to include this function ? I have the Vrs. 2.04 upgrade
chip, but it seemed bug-laden to me...)

Also- I always use my EDP (and Jamman) synced to a drum machine and
sometimes with multiple record/erase steps I'll loose sync. This NEVER
happens with the Jamman. Am I alone in this ? Could it be related to
having two EDPs hooked together for stereo operation ?

Kim ? Mathis ? Beuler ? Anyone ?

Thanks, Jordan