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RE: Electrix Repeater Wish List

>I just tried out the Electrix Demo Display at (Guitar Center in Chicago) 
>with the provided CD and Headphones and every device that Electrix
>has on the market now.  This was actually a pretty good Demo, but it 
>have spent a little more time on getting you acquainted with the control 
>surface.  It went kind of fast.  A video and CD would be excellent and I 
>think that Electrix has proven that they can do it right.  Just slow it
>a little... I'm not a spastic 16 year old whiz kid anymore...

lol {<>
We have some video on the web site that actually moves at a much better
pace. The stores should also be getting the video as we speak. If anyone
wants us to send a video on the existing products let us know at

Best Regards,

Damon Langlois
Creative Director
Electrix / IVL 
"No Creative Barriers"
Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100