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RE: Electrix Repeater Wish List

Damon wrote:

>lol {<>
>We have some video on the web site that actually moves at a much better
>pace. The stores should also be getting the video as we speak. If anyone
>wants us to send a video on the existing products let us know at

I just looked at this this morning...i'm interested in the eq killer to add
to my filter queen (it looks so lonely, just hanging off one side of the
rack!).  The web video does a decent job of introducing, but there's quite
a bit more under the hood on these units, especially depending upon what
kind of signal you're throwing at it.  For example, the web video on the eq
killer doesn't even go into the FX send, which only sends the 'killed' band
out for further processing.  It would be nice to see a number of tricks
that someone can pull off with this.

Perhaps a dedicated video could go more into depth, especially for
something with as many permutations as the Repeater?