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for those of you in the Seattle and outlying municipalities... (for those
who aren't... pardon my forum abuse.)

I'm pleased to announce the debut performance of a new band-of-fools:

The performance will take place in Maggie's Park (Everett,WA) this Sunday,
August 6th from lunchtime** until dusk.

**lunchtime is noon in most places

the following 'bytes are from http://www.MP3.com/electrochakra - the only
recorded piece available (we've been together for 2 weeks) is from a
rehearsal where the bass is WAY too quiet, but you can still get a sense of
what we're about.

Artist description
Three-man improvisation with a robotic drummer.
Music style:
Electronic Improvisation
Musical influences:
Material, Sylvian/Fripp, 70's Miles Davis
Group members:
Travis Hartnett: guitar
Travis Metcalf: guitar
Ben Sharp: bass, programming
Guitar, bass, programming
Seattle, WA
Thanks for listening,
Ben Sharp