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Electrix Repeater : a fair shake of the loopy stick

hi all ..

had a look at the Repeater web page .. looks good .. I'm assuming it's 4
mono tracks, or 2 stereo tracks, yeah?

> Just use the "sneaker net" to transfer files back and forth.
> With a $30 USB Compact Flash reader the CFC will mount on
> your computer like a disk allowing you to move files back
> and forth with ease.

I'm not familiar with this, so forgive me if I'm miles off, but is Compact
Flash storage only? Can you (as Tom asked) play directly off CF storage?
How much RAM is actually on-board, and what are the available sampling
rates/word sizes? Expansion?
I see a digital out, but no digital in, so it's a case of popping the CFC
into the unit, I'm assuming.
But it's about time someone started using easy to replace, computer
compatible media for storing loops .. Torn flagged that one in an article
(on the Looper's site) ages back ..

I see a "Double Loop" button on there .. can you multiply/crop the loop to
other degrees, as in the Digitech RP series (where you can take a 800ms
loop, and up it to 1.2sec, thereby getting a loop of 1 and a half times the
original) ?

I would also like to see the tech specs (maybe the manual in .PDF), but it
looks _really_ promising ..

keep up the good work Damon and Eletrix ..