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Re: xenakis (was "drumming")

Jon Southwood wrote:

> Scott,
> Can't help you with the Drumming score, but if you're interested in a
> musical connection with Le Corbusier, check out Iannis Xenakis.  Xenakis
> actually worked with Le Corbusier for a number of years.  His
> composition Metastasis is organized by the ratios of Le Corbusier's
> Modulus.  Xenakis also has a couple (more recent) percussion pieces:
> Pleiades (not sure of the spelling) and Rebonds.  Both are incredible,
> and given his predilection for mathematics, engineering, and
> architecture is bound to have some sort of mathematical thread.
> If anyone hasn't heard any Xenakis, but has heard of "stochastic music"
> (his term) or "granular synthesis" (originates from a section of his
> book, Formalised Music), run out and listen to some of his pieces.  My
> (beginning) recommendations: Metastasis, Pithoprakta, Tetora, Pleiades,
> and Rebonds.  His early electronic music, which featured slowly
> progressing transformation of source material might appeal to people on
> this list as well.  Check out: Bohor and Concret PH.
> Good luck,
> Jon Southwood
> gamma-ut@home.com

thanks for the Xenakis mentions. i look forward to finding these...

might i also add a few of my picks?

to wit:

Akrata for 16 wind instruments (1964-65)

ST/10=1-080262 for ten instruments (1956-1962)

Atrees (hommage a pascal) for 10 instruments (1962)

Morisma-Amorisma, for piano, violin, cello, double bass (1962)

ST/4, for string quartet (1962)

Nomos Alpha, for cello (1966)

and i agree Bohor I and Concret P-H are musts, along with Diamorphoses...

lance g.