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Re: steve reich "drumming" sheet music...


Can't help you with the Drumming score, but if you're interested in a
musical connection with Le Corbusier, check out Iannis Xenakis.  Xenakis
actually worked with Le Corbusier for a number of years.  His
composition Metastasis is organized by the ratios of Le Corbusier's
Modulus.  Xenakis also has a couple (more recent) percussion pieces:
Pleiades (not sure of the spelling) and Rebonds.  Both are incredible,
and given his predilection for mathematics, engineering, and
architecture is bound to have some sort of mathematical thread.

If anyone hasn't heard any Xenakis, but has heard of "stochastic music"
(his term) or "granular synthesis" (originates from a section of his
book, Formalised Music), run out and listen to some of his pieces.  My
(beginning) recommendations: Metastasis, Pithoprakta, Tetora, Pleiades,
and Rebonds.  His early electronic music, which featured slowly
progressing transformation of source material might appeal to people on
this list as well.  Check out: Bohor and Concret PH.

Good luck,

Jon Southwood