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Re: Moog Endless will stop in Aug.

Dear Inami,

I'm trying to download your Moog Endless in order to listen to it. It
takes an awfully long time. It made my computer slow down to a crawl.
After these last ten minutes of downloading, I canceled the connection.

Maybe you should fix this somehow. Or is this meant to be an endless

I was inspired to hear Moog Endless/System 55 because you have the "save
xebec" gif in your web page, and I have worked with wonderful people who
have written articles for this magazine, namely Yuko Nexus6 and Tod

Can you fix this?

Best regards,

Sunao Inami wrote:

> Hi,
> Our Real Video streaming project "Moog Endless" will stop in this Aug.
> System 55 will going to repair.
> http://www.cavestudio.com/S+V/moog_endless.html
> We will tell the info again when System 55 is back.
>   Regards
>   Sunao Inami
> http://www.cavestudio.com


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