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Re: Digitech PMC-10 >> Yamaha MFC10

>>The main thing that drew me to the MFC-10 is it's support of up to 4
>>external expression pedals in addition to the one built in.

>Those 5 pedals are what have me looking at it! What did you pay for
>it Travis (if you don't mind telling)?

Not at all. I paid about $350, but that doesn't count the 4 Ernie Ball
volume pedals plugged into it... ouch. But this was the deciding factor in
my purchase. I was also looking at the PMC-10, which I kept seeing go for
way too much money.

>Also... can you send up to 4 of the same event type AS WELL AS OTHER
>EVENTS (pgm chg) on the same patch? For instance... I regularly send 8
>cc loop switcher commands along with a pgm chg on patches which call
>an external fuzz pedal plugged into my switcher... I COULD live with 4
>cc's AND a pgm chg. Otherwise, I'm having to change other parts of my
>rig to accomodate a different controller.

I haven't figured out how to do that. Here is what the manual says:

"Up to 4 of the same type of MIDI data (one of the following - Note On/Off,
Control Change, Program Change) can be simultaneously transmitted over
several MIDI channels."

>can you play synth chords with the mfc 10 also?

Yes, by sending 4 simultaneous note-on messages.

>Does it have an off and on switch?

Uhm, yes. (if you mean for turning the unit off and on)

>power supply?


>is it sturdy?

Seems that way, but I wouldn't say it's built like a tank. Remember, I have
only had it a month...

Sorry about the borderline topic, but I really had a hard time finding
detailed information about this thing considering the Yamaha spec page was
pretty much useless. If you folks have other questions, I would gladly
answer them off the list.