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RE: Digitech PMC-10

 Is there a webpage with specs for the Yamaha MFC-10??

Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices

> I'm not an expert on the capabilities of the PMC-10, but I own a Yamaha
> MFC-10 and have been very pleased with it so far. I know that each switch
> has the ability to send up to 4 simultaneous messages of the same type
> (including note, controller, pgm changes etc.) I've been using it to
> successfully control the EDP and various other rack effects and devices 
> my setup. The display is somewhat limiting, and often deals in hex, but 
> the interface is actually pretty quick once you get going. The main thing
> that drew me to the MFC-10 is it's support of up to 4 external expression
> pedals in addition to the one built in. Five continuous controllers at my
> feet is just the right number for me! I've had it for less than a month,
> and I'm still exploring, but it has really opened up a lot of new
> possibilities.
> -travis