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Looper realbook 3 out!!! (was looper tablature)

Hello Bob, Hello Dough

Looper Songbooks Europe just published the new looper realbook 3 and it
contains 6 songs of P. Keaggy. I was always a big Keaggy-Fan ... first I 
all his songs with my EDP, but the songs didn't really "breathe & flow", 
carpet was very thin ... so I sold my EDP to buy a better JamMan and now 
songs sound much better.

I'm absolutely shure, the JamMan is much better to play  Phil Keaggy songs 
5 minutes ago I went to my sisters room and played with her EDP the two 
"slo-motion slam" and "three headed mind polution" (P. Keaggy) and it 

Bob, someone gave you a bad advice ... sell the EDP and buy a JamMan. 
I don't sell loop-stuff, but now I have 7 JamMan on stock. If you want 
one, I
could take the EDP as a trade in and it would cost you about $250-300 ...
shipping included!

Jesús Turiño
Looper Songbooks Europe
General Manager
phone +41 41 761'26'42
fax +41 41 761'33'91

Doug Miller schrieb:

> I have a book of instrumental acoustic guitar music that has some great
> loops used in many of the songs. It is by Phil Keaggy and is all of the
> songs on his Acoustic Sketches CD. It is available from John August 
> 1-800-664-8482, 3545 Jeannine Dr., Suite 208, Colorado Springs, CO 
>80917. It
> sould be around $20.
> Phil uses a JamMan, but I'm certain that the EDP will be even better on
> these tunes!
> Enjoy!
> ______________________________________
> Doug "I wish I had a EDP" Miller
> http://home.columbus.rr.com/dougmiller
> > I have just purchased my first echoplex digital pro and I was 
>wondering if
> > anybody could help me find some guitar tablature for pieces of music 
> > could really highlight the EDP.  I would really appreciate any help you
> > could give -Bob