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gentlemen, you can't fight in here, this is the war room

> i like that word "specious"

Definitely worth adding to "spurious" and "archival" in the lexicon of
"words to use in e-mails" !

> Feeling are no substitute for the validity of the senses.

True - especially about not jumping off buildings ;-)  But what if the
validity of our senses is itself subjective? What the NS article implies is
that what we have considered to be absolute truths about the universe are
in fact patterns .. e.g. Newtonian physics is actually is actually just one
aspect of a statistical phenomenon. It's an interesting idea, as it implies
that the true nature of the world for us, is not its "fundamental" nature.
Not that this changes gravity ot the price of butter or anything ....

> It's interesting and shocking to see just how easily range wars
> develop!

Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a "rage war", maybe a "miffed police
action" ....

> If you have to explain your "art" (musical,visual,etc)
> maybe it isn't fulfilling its intended aim

Nice elegant bit of thinking there! And we're off to Hofstadter's
inner/outer message ....