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Re: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

> Neo-Mysticism is an intellectual trend toward 'Quantum
> Theorizing' everything, especially spirituality

ahh .. I see where you were coming from now .. yes, this sort of stuff is
to be viewed with (at the very least) caution.

> But her [Chandra's] own public allegiance to Mysticism
> belies a brand of smarmy spirituality

I didn't realise that .. I actually don't know too much about her, just had
one of her CDs, and liked some of the music. Taking this one set of liner
notes on their own, they don't appear particularly New Age-y (although some
gave me pause to reconsider), but some more context might have given me a
warning that I was accidently implying something else entirely.

> Perhaps I misunderstood your implication. I apologize if I did.

No worries .. the internet is an ideal medium for bizzare
misunderstandings, and I fully expect a sitcom to spring up around it any
day now. ;-)