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Re: Wave file basics

is there a mac-version of the tuareg or the buzz?
thanks, jesus

Scott Barton schrieb:

> Quoting Nick.Key@solent.ac.uk:
> > Hi
> >
> > Im just starting to use stuff like SFacid and SF Audio express, Vaz.
> >
> > Im looking for some decent resources that explain about frequency,
> > oscillation and all, so I can start making my own sounds.
> >
> > Can anyone help please?
> There are lots of freeware and shareware sound generation programs
> available on the net. Two that I have found very useful are Buzz
> (<http://www.buzz2.com>) and Tuareg
> (<http://redrival.com/tuareg/index2.htm>). I use the sounds and riffs
> I create as wave files in ACID. I also use a synth plugged into the
> line in on my soundcard, edit the recorded sounds in Sound Forge XP
> so they loop properly, and use them too.
> It isn't really neccessary to understand the real technical terms to
> create music with ACID, but a search on 'Csound' should help if you
> want to go that route. Also check out <http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/>
> for resources.
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