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Re: Carlos Vamos (Re[2]: Music in Spain)

> I met Carlos Vamos in September/98 while he was playing at the Ramblas.

Actually, that was when I met him as well ! Well, he was playing at the
time, and I was talking to a girl who was selling his CDs .... small world,
or what. Very talented guy .. no mention of him on the web that I can see.

> A few meters down the Rambla there was another guy using a Jamman and
> playing a modified lap dulcimer as a guitar; his name was Lindsay
> Buckingham (from Australia).

This must have been the other guy I saw. Not the Fleetwood Mac LB tho' ..

I also saw a band called "Alius" - a sort of rock-funk-jazz fusion outfit
with drums, bass, sax and a guy playing a Spanish guitar through a
Marshall. Great band.

In terms of buskers going round the European cities, there was a guy here
in Dublin a few years back who used to play electric guitar using
two-handed tapping, but sitting cross-legged with the body of the guitar in
his shoulder, and the headstock at his feet! Don't know his name, but
that's gotta be the most unusual guitar technique I've ever seen.