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Frequencies outside of normal rang of hearing (was RE: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....)

> With this in mind - I wonder if the "clipping" of certain frequencies 
> are out of our normal range of hearing (like on a tape or CD or any
> recording for that matter) truly destroys the overal ambiance of
> the sound.

I once read about an engineer trying to figure out why one mixing board
different from another.  He did a lot of analysis and found that this
board tended to excite frequencies in a band way above normal hearing 
That was the only difference he found.  But he could hear that difference.
I rather like your idea of the unhearable frequencies 'interracting with'
hearable frequencies.

Of course, trying to capture these sounds and accurately reproduce them is
going to be difficult since microphones and speakers are designed to be
faithful in the range of hearing.  (gotta put some dog-whistle in my
next song....)

    -Mike McGary