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Carlos Vamos (Re[2]: Music in Spain)

 The Ramblas that Mark mentioned is the main street of
the old town, and I saw some buskers near the top (north) end of that. One
was a guy called Carlos Vamos, playing electric guitar using two-handed
tapping, and using realtime loops.

== I met Carlos Vamos in September/98 while he was playing at the Ramblas. 
was using a Jamman and making his own compositions. We talked about 
guitatrs etc. and exchanged cd's. It is good to know he is still doing his
things in Barcelona.

A few meters down the Rambla there was another guy using a Jamman and 
playing a
modified lap dulcimer as a guitar; his name was Lindsay Buckingham (from

Barcelona is "the" City in Europe.