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Re: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

> Although I disagree with the specious New Age-y
> comments here about the link between Quantum Physics
> and neo-Mysticism

Although I normally don't rise to this kind of thing, I have to ask you
Larry - what was the specious New Age-y comment? The "New Age" trend is a
pet hate of mine, and I studiously avoid it and discussions that invoke it.
In fact, I've re-read this thread from Misha's initial post onward .. and
no one has mentioned anything I can reconcile with "neo-Mysticism"
(although I note you use the proper case, and may be referring to something
with which I'm unfamiliar). Also, the only comment to mention quantum
physics was a quote taken from "Godel,Escher,Bach" which I included. Just
trying to clarify, for if a discussion about musical loops, their practice
and ability to communicate with a listener is specious, then surely this
list is pointless.