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Re: MP3 posted - some looping content


thanks for the feedback....I know the 'gear' and 'process' traps very
well....just lately I have been trying to get past it and be content to
use what I have to it's fullest capability. It's interesting - this is
the simplest track I have produced in a long time, but its the track I
am most happy with.

I used two throat singing samples I found online....each is processed
differently through AudioMulch. The one on the fadeout is barely
recognizable as a human voice I think. The drum loop was heavily altered
in AudioMulch (using a bunch of freeware VST filters). The main synth
riffs underlining the whole tune are my own loops that I played on a
K2000 keyboard, a jamman and then through heavy audiomulch processing. I
used Acid to assemble and sequence the audio loops. I'm a guitarist
mainly, but I didn't see how I could use guitar on this track.

You can see that I like to use Audiomulch....IMHO it's very useful at
processing loops and in particular making them more 'organic' 

[I'm forwarding this mail to the list - maybe it will be useful to others]



Rich wrote:
> Hi Darcy,
> Just a note to say that i enjoyed your mp3 song 'tuva'.  Thanks!
> I have been downloading a song here and there from the LD list, and
> methinks us loopheads often get caught up in the 'process' of the music, 
> the expense of making enjoyable musical compositions.  Fortunately, i 
> you avoided such potholes....
> ps. is the composition made up of collected 'samples' or are you playing
> most of it?
> regards,
> rich atkinson
> At 12:14 AM 3/8/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >http://www-personal.engin.umich.edu/~darcyc/Personal/Music/tuva.mp3
> >
> >just posted my latest MP3 .... probably unfinished.....somewhat inspired
> >by (and includes) throating-singing samples and fairly copious use of
> >Audiomulch, Acid and Jamman.
> >
> >feedback welcome.
> >
> >Darcy
> >
> >
> >
> >

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