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Re: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

Wait.  Am I on the right list?  :)  Unusual discussion today, but 

>Interesting you mention Hemholtz.  I'm reading a 1936 book "Science and
>Music" which uses Hemholtz's "Harmonic Resonance Chambers" as examples 
>and a
>basis for discussing the differences between a tone (tuning fork) and a
>musical note (many harmonic properties.)

Interesting that you should mention "Science and Music".  This is the Sir 
Jeans book?  I re-read my copy a few months back.  Quite a good read, I 
In some place I was amazed that it was written so long ago!

>So - wouldn't the removal of these super-high harmonics
>alter forever the true nature of the original sound?

Yes, but we don't perceive the true nature of the original sound.  This 
has deep
implications beyond the scope of this email, my life, and probably the 

Dennis Leas