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Re: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

> [Larry:]
> > Although I disagree with the specious New Age-y
> > comments here about the link between Quantum Physics
> > and neo-Mysticism

Neo-Mysticism is an intellectual trend toward 'Quantum
Theorizing' everything, especially spirituality, in an
effort to lend some kind of scientistific credibility to
frankly incredible and irrational beliefs. That's the crux
of it.

> what was the specious New Age-y comment? The "New Age" trend is a
> pet hate of mine, and I studiously avoid it and discussions that invoke

Well, Chandra is certainly not New Age per se, she's a
World artist [Asian Fusion], I guess. But her own public
allegiance to Mysticism belies a brand of smarmy spirituality
that smacks of Channeling and a bogus New Age-y cosmology
that devalues somewhat (IMO) the excellent music she makes.

Her comments about 'being sung' in regards to her
ABoneCroneDrone recording:

  "The experience of 'being sung' is much more up-front, if such
  an experience can be considered up-front, on ABoneCroneDrone'."
  Something's coming through but you have to be receptive to it,"
  The idea of listening to the subtleties yourself, being moved by
  them, having your own imagination play tricks on you, in a way,
  connects you to the same force the singer is connecting to."

> Just trying to clarify, for if a discussion about musical loops, their
> and ability to communicate with a listener is specious, then surely this
> list is pointless.

I did not mean to imply that this type of discussion is specious -
and therefore pointless. However, psuedo-scientific drivel *is*
pointless. Perhaps I misunderstood your implication. I apologize if
I did.

- Larry