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Re: Synchronization band-loop (machine-loop)

Jim asked:
>Anyone use the EDP midi out to sync. drum machines?
>I always find that even with 1/8th beats at max. the
>clock output is far too slow even on a 5sec. base loop.

Oh, thats interesting. It would not be complicated to change the 1/8th
beats table. Maybe it should not contain all the odd beat numbers, but
bigger ones instead?

To solve your problem today (and maybe make you like the 1/8th beats as is
;-) and also to become more acurate, I recommend to divide your long loop
into multiples of a small one.
This can be acomplished simply by using Record-Insert:
put InsertMode to INS
press Record
play the first bar
press Insert
play the other bars
press Insert

If you dont use any metronome, you may fall out of the beat and Insert may
round to a different end than you intended. But you can help it:

Since the drum machine receives MIDIclock as soon as you press Insert the
first time, it starts playing and you can follow it.

You can also record the first bar without playing, close it with Multiply,
which makes the drum play, and then record over it using Multiply.
To speed this up, you can close the silent recording with Multiply and
immediately play with the drum.
Or you can just record a little attack of your instrument in the first
recording and use it as a "metronome" while multiplying and then bring in
the drums later.

You can also start the drum first and sync the EDP to it (Sync=IN). The
disadvantages are:
- Depending on acuracy of the units and the sound you play, you may here a
correction blop sometimes at the start of the loop.
- The speed is given by the drums instead of your (intuitive) Record 

>At present I use the EDP + drum machine&sequencer.
>With (no sync.) long loops and moderate tempo (say 135bpm)
>there is a "micro" phase shift between the parts as the
>loop comes round which is rather nice, but I'd still like
>to try it in tight sync.

oh shure, do it, its easy!


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