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Re: Synchronization band-loop

I agree. If I'm playing against a digtital delay
it's impossible to gat a drummer to keep time. 
A few years ago playing a U2 song with a typical
dunk,de,dunk,de....  guitar riff I used an analogue
delay which seemed a lot more tolerant of small shifts
in tempo, I guess because the edges of the sound
are a little less defined.

Anyone use the EDP midi out to sync. drum machines?
I always find that even with 1/8th beats at max. the
clock output is far too slow even on a 5sec. base loop.
At present I use the EDP + drum machine&sequencer.
With (no sync.) long loops and moderate tempo (say 135bpm)
there is a "micro" phase shift between the parts as the
loop comes round which is rather nice, but I'd still like
to try it in tight sync.

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