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Re: Roland PK-5 Comments?

In a message dated 99-09-28 11:41:07 EDT, you write:

 Also, does anyone know of a MIDI CC pedal that has a MIDI out right on the
 pedal (i.e., not a volume or CV into a conversion box)? The folks on
 alt.guitar.effects have so far come up with Digitech and Morley as 

There is definitely a Digitech MiDI footcontroller, I saw one yesterday. 
black and it looks like one of there WHammy II pedals but slightly 
It looks marvelously simple, with two knobs - one to select MIDI channel, 
 the other to select a CC value. The pedal has a decent travel and a good 
feel. It was selling for $125.00  I didn't catch the  model number but if 
bug me about it I can call and ask.

eric p
echo park