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Re: Paying more to get less (was Paying for downloads (was:Re: <OFF-TOPIC>))

> You could extend the reasoning here to say, "Why would I want to pay
> money to go see [one of your favorite professional established artist
> playing in a concert venue] when I can go to any number of clubs,
> coffehouses and bars to see [unestablished/non-professional/highly
> philanthropic artists] performing for no entry fee or cover charge?

I would want to pay more to go to one of the established artists, because 
most likely will put on a bigger, badder, better show with more energy and 
few thousand more screaming fans to pump my adrenalin.  Plus, I've probably
already heard their music and own their CDs.  So here's the formula:   I 
*pay* more because I would expect to *get* more.

On the other hand, the philosophy of selling MP3 files on the net is "pay
more, get less".  Way less quality than a CD, and very-much likely likely 
per-item value ($15.95 for a 12-song CD is about $1.30 per song - beat 

Now when everyone is on cablemodem, or ASL, or some other
bandwidth/high-volume storage revolution hits the net, then we can talk 
downloading albums for money.  At that time it might be even more painless
than going to the record store.  But until then if you want to catch me 
music you'll find me at Rasputin Records with my Visa card and a smile.
Unless I can't find it there, then I'll order the music off the web and 
two weeks for the CD to arrive.

Anyway, how am I supposed to know?  Good luck making your millions selling
per-charge MP3 files.  Just not on my credit card.