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Re: Paying for downloads (was:Re: <OFF-TOPIC>) (fwd)

Loopers-Delight-d-request@annihilist.com wrote:

> From: Tom Ritchford <tom@swirly.com>
> the question is, will internet delivery eventually replace CDs?  and the
> answer is of course.

I'm afraid that I'll have to disagree, Tom.  DVD or some other higher
capacity medium will replace the CD.  Here's why I say that.  Even when
56k modems have gone the way of the dodo due to inexpensive, high
bandwidth connections in 99% of the world's households, the consumer
will have to be willing to carry the burden in cost and time to
manufacture the end product for ALL of their music listening purchases.
I don't see people doing that and I don't see a capitalist society
allowing that to happen.  Too many worthless people in between the
musicians and the public would loose their jobs; bad for the economy.
And everything boils down to money in our proto-Ferengi society.  (Why
do you think it's called the music BUSINESS?)

As others have said, computers haven't made the paperless office and all
the extra stuff (packaging) is too important a part of the package.  I
don't see artists wanting to give up artistic control of their CD
artwork.  Record labels may rip it from them.  But then I don't see the
labels wanting to give up that control, either.  Even if the music were
to be available for purchase exclusively via downloading and even if the
artwork were forced down the wire with it, the customer may possibly
choose not to print it out.  Loss of  advertising for the sellers of

Of course, I may be short sighted...
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