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Re: Paying for downloads (was:Re: <OFF-TOPIC>) (fwd)

James R. Pearce wrote:
>And in my opinion "online-distribution" isn't real work. Ton's of fools 
>do it,
>and some fools do it better than others. But the fact is they do it 
>because of
>the low overhead it requires, the manual labor is gone, so the idea that 
>"flat-file" is an actual product is a larf to me.

wait a tick, this is a musician's list and you think that the value of
a musical product has something to do with the *manual labour* you put
into it?!?

I'm listening right now to Ella singing Gershwin.  Gershwin wasn't doing
manual labour at this point, he was scribbling little dots on paper
and giving it to the right people and making a lot of money (deservedly).

We are selling an information product, period.  Anything that gets in the
way is irrelevant, a good exercise for your personal Zen at best.