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Re: Why not make Echoplexes ourselves?

Stephen said:
>I have no idea whether this post is going to reach the list at all as I
>had some trouble with previous posts in the past (must have something to
>do with me return ID or so). Just a silly question, brought forward by
>someone whos just pissed off with seeing Oberheim ignoring the wishes of
>thousands of musicians worldwide: Why dont we go out and build

"ignore" is not quite fair. But in the present economic system, noone is
forced to deliver what people want... and Oberheim closed down, thats not
our business.

>Echoplexes ourselves? I mean, there cant be too much mystery going on
>inside these modules, and the mere fact the some people managed to cook
>up something like the Paradise Loop Delay just goes to show that it is
>possible to design and built something like this yourself, once youve
>found someone technically skilled enough to do that job for you. This
>would also allow the designer to incorporate performance/MIDI/sync
>features into the machine that have never been possible before. So, whos
>going to do that job (mail me privately, please, Id like to have two
>units anyway)?

I'd actually prefer to help to this than watching it happen.
There is no mistery, just years of work.
The Loop Delay had 350 different parts and it took me 4 months to negociate
parts and design the layouts and stuff. And it would have been longer if I
had not made a 19" unit before with the same 4 enterprises for soldering,
cabinet, front printing and packing.
The parts for the 100 pcs that costed about 30'000 and in this scale it
would not be possible to do it as cheap as the Plex was. We hope that the
new version of Gibson will come out in a few months and will be cheaper
even, so it would be difficult to compete with it.
Anyway, if anyone has the curage to invest time and money: Its a great
experience and we may help with the software which is by far the biggest
And there are more interesting projects in the drawers here...


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