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panning question

right now this is how i have things set up

guitar, mic, keys---------> zoom 2100--------->digitech xp 300 

---------->                              -----------> marantz 4 trac 
             alesis quadraverb 2
---------->                              -----------> boomerang 
marantz (channel 1)

this is what i use to get the original loops into the rang, i am using the 
marantz basically as a mixer........this allows me to hear the loop on 
channel 1 and  any new input on channel 2 (using the thru/mute button on 
rang).........now when i go to record this, i take the aux send of the 
and send that thru the xp 300--> Q2 -->
marantz channel 2.......this way i get the original loop, un-effected in 
channel 1 and the effected loop on channel 2.........now my question is 
short of using the pan knobs on the marantz, is there anyway to get a more 
stereo feel to the mix (a bit more motion) so that the final mix is more 
dynamic.......i just thought of this........
as the second step:
                 ---------> marantz----------------------------------> 
marantz channel 1
boomerang                                                   --------> 
channel 2
                 aux send-----------> xp300------> Q2 
marantz channel 3
perhaps using the 2 lines out of the Q2 on the final mix, i might get a 
more movement of the final signal .........i never had these problems way 
back when i was doing peter, paul and mary 

p.s. i know when i hit the send button on this e-mail all that i have 
will become more convaluted than it already is.......:).......m