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Why not make Echoplexes ourselves?

Hi all, 

I have no idea whether this post is going to reach the list at all as I 
had some trouble with previous posts in the past (must have something to 
do with me return ID or so). Just a silly question, brought forward by 
someone whos just pissed off with seeing Oberheim ignoring the wishes of 
thousands of musicians worldwide: Why dont we go out and build 
Echoplexes ourselves? I mean, there cant be too much mystery going on 
inside these modules, and the mere fact the some people managed to cook 
up something like the Paradise Loop Delay just goes to show that it is 
possible to design and built something like this yourself, once youve 
found someone technically skilled enough to do that job for you. This 
would also allow the designer to incorporate performance/MIDI/sync 
features into the machine that have never been possible before. So, whos 
going to do that job (mail me privately, please, Id like to have two 
units anyway)?

Stephen Parsick