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Re: Zoom 2100


I've communicated some of this privately, but may as well post for the
looping community.

No doubt the strongest point is the long-delay/looping capability, pretty
unprecedented at the $99 price!  But I use a second one for the effects
alone.  They are not stellar or extreme, but for me they are just fine.
Great ring mod, good pitch shifting, very servicable chorus/flange, etc.,
minimal but usable reverb, questionable wah effects.  Be aware of some
"robbing" going on (i.e., can't pitch shift and chorus simultaneously).
But heck, you can still use some of the effects AND the 6-second
sound-on-sound delay.  Very decent bandwidth and clean sound make the 2100
a no-brainer in my book, but no doubt they're being discontinued, so I
wouldn't "delay"....

David Myers

>I followed the recent thread on the Zoom 2100 in Loopers Delight with 
>interest, and have been thinking about buying one.
>What are its strong and weak points?
>Mark Kata
>Shelby Township, Michigan