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Re: 2100 5 % offf ?

Musician's Friend (http://www.musiciansfriend.com) had it.  I'd looked into
this after the glowing referrals to the 2100, and saw it on the web page
back then (I think about a month ago) after seeing the $149 price listed.  
decided to figure out where such a unit would go in my composition
methodology, no small consideration, and, in the meantime, I was sent their
paper catalog, which sported the $99 price.  I then looked up the listing
online after getting back from a trip up the CA coast last week, and found
that the web page's price now corresponded.

Thus satisfied, I purchased the unit, and having previously logged in, (I
think this is why, but who knows?) I got the 5% discount showing on the
resultant receipt.  Cool, huh?

Stephen Goodman       * It's the free Loop Of The Week!
EarthLight Productions * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios.html

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> Stephen:
> where's that sweet deal you quoted on the 2100?   ;)
> thanks
> Tom Lambrecht (from Loopers)
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